Sunday, April 24, 2005

Draft Day

I'm a long-suffering Seattle Seahawk fan, and every year about this time I get excited--for no good reason--about the NFL draft. Since the team can never seem to put together a great end-to-end season, the draft offers the false hope that some new infusion of talent will give us the boost we need to get over the hump. Why I bother is beyond me.

I have actually sat through hours of draft coverage on ESPN and rummaged through pages of commentary about who will select whom and blah blah blah, only to be bored and disappointed at the end of it. Seriously, how can something which boils down to fifteen minutes of speculation/name called/repeat 7 times be even remotely interesting to sports fans? Yet here we are. Or at least me.

I remember fondly the day we had to pick #2 and got Rick Mirer. Or how about the hype around Dan McGwire or Lamar King? And don't get me started on Bosworth. Seriously, what crimes from a previously life are we paying for? Don't get me wrong, there are diamonds in there (Shaun Alexander PLEASE DON'T LEAVE) but the payoff is never worth it. Someone tell me why I bother.

Now if you don't mind, the live ESPN feed is on and I have to see if they've picked up a DE yet....

So it's the day after and I forgot to hit publish on this. I'm reading all the "draft grades" online, and am wondering what the hell they're talking about. How can you even know if it's a good draft until 5 years down the road? Don't these guys need to get pasted for a couple of years before you know if they can adjust to the pro game and stay out of rehab? Seriously, what a circle-jerk.

And why am I reading these reports? Any why is my team getting graded poorly AGAIN??


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